6 Essential Tips for Selecting a Perfect Engagement Ring

Finding the right engagement ring can be a daunting task. With many engagement rings to choose from, you must be baffled by them all. If you want your significant other to know about your love by proposing, you may need to start immediately. For that, you will need to choose the best diamond engagement ring and make your proposal delightful. Here are the following tips: 

  1. Selecting the Proper Cut or Shape

The first and foremost tip for you is to choose the appropriate diamond shape. There are different diamond shapes for various engagement rings. Before you select this, think about the diamond cut your significant other would prefer. All of these diamond cuts have different prices. If you search for an affordable diamond shape, you can pick a marquise cut diamond or a pear-shaped diamond. Generally, round-shaped diamonds are expensive and may not fit your budget. The round-cut diamonds are costly and trendy. A princess-cut diamond is the second most popular after the round cut. At present, the oval-shaped diamond and pear-shaped diamond are more popular.

  1. Carats Can Influence the Cost

The price of the diamond fluctuates based on the carat. Let’s say that you have selected a non-round diamond shape with increased carat weight; this will make the ring look larger than it appears to be. But if you choose a diamond with lesser carat weight, you may save a couple of dollars, although it may not look larger.

  1. Good Colour and Clarity

While choosing an engagement ring, the other factor is colour and clarity. When it comes to colour, the diamond can appear colourless if the diamond colour is the lowest. For round cut diamonds, if the metal is white gold, you can select an I or J coloured diamond, whereas in yellow gold, selecting a K-coloured diamond would be best. And when it comes to choosing a clean or faultless diamond, you may not consider purchasing the lowest clarity diamond. The cost of SI1 or SI2 clarity diamonds is different from that of a flawless diamond.

  1. Metal for the Band

Although selecting the metal is entirely effortless, there are things to consider before doing so. Usually, many engagement rings include yellow gold in their band rather than white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Platinum looks just like silver, and it is costly due to its greater density and rarity. If you are searching for something modern, it would be best to opt for rose gold for that contemporary look. Currently, the popularity of rose gold is increasing. You can also customize the ring with a set of diamonds on the metal band.

  1. Buy Certified Diamonds

It is always best to buy diamonds certified from an accredited laboratory like the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America. Experts often warn that if the diamond you purchase is from the other labs and not from the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America, it will be a low-quality diamond. Also, make sure that the grading report or the certificate of the diamond should match the diamond that you purchase.

  1. Identify the Ring Size

If you don’t know the ring size of your significant other, no worries, there are different methods to find out. You can borrow the ring and trace the inner circle. You can also slide it into your fingers, so you can draw a line and show it to the jeweller. But don’t let your significant other know about it; it will ruin the proposal surprise.

Although there are different engagement rings and styles, you can get creative and select the perfect diamond ring for an ideal proposal.