February 8, 2023

The pandemic or work-from-home setup does not hinder interacting with your employees. You can still have an annual general meeting through an online or hybrid setting. Since employee relationships are also crucial to your company’s success, here are the ways to make your virtual AGM in Singapore more interactive and enjoyable.

1. Hire a Lively Host

Of course, you’ll need a host to manage the entire event with their skills. A host can make people feel included and make the virtual AGM event more interactive by being lively and funny.

2. Implement Company Branding

When planning for an AGM webcast in Singapore, you can also implement company branding to make employees feel connected to the event. In these physical meetings, you’ll give attendees name tags, but company branding like wearing the same clothes is key to uniformity in online events.

3. Encourage Speaker and Audience Interaction

Awkwardness in virtual events is a common experience among all employees. To avoid this, encourage the speaker to interact with the audience by opening the comment section and allowing attendees to ask questions. It will maintain good momentum throughout the event and prevent awkward silence.

4. Make Edited Videos Ready

During your corporate video production in Singapore, you can also prepare edited videos for the main event. This way, you’ll have something to play to capture the attention of your attendees. It will also avoid issues like screen distortion, and audio malfunctions as the videos are already edited.

5. Reduce Disruption

Before starting your hybrid AGM in Singapore, ensure you have a strong internet connection and the right tools for the event. Doing so can reduce disruption and maintain your audience’s attention throughout the program.

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