5 Ways to Kick Depression without using Medication

Depression is far more than normal grief and disappointment and can also lead to suicide, but not everyone who is depressed can suicide.  Depression can be still kicked off after finding yourself in self-harming events. If you are feeling depressed, then here are a few symptoms that you might encounter.

  • Severe Anxiety and Agitation.
  • Cannot sleep, or sleeping too much, or else sleeping during day-time.
  • Worse Concentration and losing interest in your work or passion.
  • Feeling regretful and guilty for past things and events.
  • Negative thoughts or self-harming thoughts
  • Change in diet or appetite.

Know your symptoms, and even if you find your symptoms not as severe as mentioned above, you should consult your doctor once. If you are using anti-depressant, you can still practice positive coping skills like mindfulness for depression to reduce your dependence on the medicine.

Here are 5 Positive coping skills to Practice Daily.

1. Prioritize Your Goals

Recognize your goals importantly, workable goals that can give you a sense of accomplishment. Goals are termed as workable only if they are under your control, that you can manage and are realistic and measurable so that you can feel progress every day.

Also, remember if you fail to achieve them, then you must keeping trying rather than considering it as a failure. Don’t compare your progress with others and be dedicated to your work.

2.  Include Pleasant events in your Routine

Always include pleasant activities and events in your schedule. Plan dinners and outings with your loved one and family members. Practice gratitude and positive thinking whenever you get time to think about yourself. Think about the good things that happened with you in a day and count your blessings rather than problems.

3.  Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness for depression has helped many people to overcome it and stay in the present. The technique of Staying in the present activities and trying not to be self-judgmental is a fundamental principle of mindfulness. Mindfulness will help you be self-compassionate and self-confident.

4. Eat Healthy, Exercise, and Have Enough Sleep

Regular Junk food and Beverages can affect your mood and overall health. Make sure you eat healthy food daily and exercise for at least 20 minutes a day so that you can stay fit. Sleep regularly, keep a balance in your schedule to give yourself enough sleep and rest.

5. Stay around people who lift you

Try to spend more time with people who support and lift you up. Interacting with such people will not only motivate you but help you isolate loneliness and depression.