5 Warning Signs That Your Chimney Needs Cleaned

Chimney fires create $125 million in property damage annually. In the most severe cases, a chimney fire can destroy your home. However, there’s good news in that these fires are often completely preventable.

Regular cleaning, inspection, and repair of your chimney can greatly reduce the risk of fire. Employing a chimney cleaning service is the simplest and easiest way to care for your chimney.

This guide will show you the signs to look for that signal your chimney needs cleaning.

  • Smokey Room 

The smoke from the fire should go up the chimney and out of your home. It shouldn’t be going into your home. The first step is to check and confirm that the flue is open.

If the flue is open, then there’s another reason why the chimney isn’t functioning properly. Chimney cleaning services have someone take a look and clear out anything blocking your chimney. This helps your fireplace and chimney to function properly and safely.

  • Oily Walls 

The walls of your fireplace shouldn’t be oily. If you start to see oily spots, then this is a sign that creosote is present. This is a byproduct that gets produced when burning wood in your fireplace.

If you don’t regularly clean your fireplace, this buildup will continue to compound. It’s toxic to humans and presents a fire risk. It’s extremely flammable, and the more it builds up, the more dangerous it becomes.

You should also look at the damper, as it too will have a buildup of creosote. It’ll look like soft and flaky soot when it first starts to buildup. Over time, it turns into a hard and shiny substance that will more closely resemble tar.

  • Animals 

Do you hear strange noises coming from your chimney? It could be a rustling or scratching sound. This is a sign that animals have taken up residence in your chimney.

The most common culprits are squirrels and birds. Both can create a nest inside your chimney, which blocks airflow and creates a buildup of flammable material.

  • Campfire Smell 

You want to enjoy a warm fire in your fireplace, but you don’t want it to smell like a campfire. If you find that your fireplace smells like a campfire even when it isn’t in use, then it’s time to call chimney and fireplace cleaning services.

  • Dying Fire 

If you find it increasingly more difficult to keep your fires going, then you may have a clogged chimney. Airflow becomes restricted, and then oxygen can’t get to your fire. Dedicated Roofing & Exteriors Inc can clean your chimney and clear out anything that’s blocking the chimney.

Call a Chimney Cleaning Service

If you see one or more of these symptoms in your fireplace, then it’s time to hire a cleaning service. You’ll find that the chimney cleaning service price is well worth it for the safety and protection of your home and family.

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