5 Tips on Selecting a Solar Company for Your Home

Statistics show that solar is more affordable, accessible, and prevalent than ever before in the United States.

As the country begins to shift toward a solar energy future, how are you adapting? How would using solar benefit your home and your energy bill? What mistakes should you avoid when you are considering purchasing solar?

Knowing what to do and what not to do can help save you a headache in this newer area of energy.

Keep reading to learn tips for selecting a solar company for your home:

1. Do Your Research

While solar companies are the experts at what they do, you should become the expert on solar and what it can do for your home. Learning all of the facts about the investment, how long it will take to break even, what the installation process looks like, and so on will help you be prepared for any potential obstacles when talking with companies.

You should find out if your house has enough sunlight to make the investment worthwhile. Knowing where you would like to put the panels and how many you will need can help you narrow down what the cost will look like. 

2. Don’t Compromise Quality

While it can be tempting to go with the best deal, it is important to critically consider why it is the best deal.

Are the materials cheaper? Are the panels as durable as others? Who will be installing it?

Quality installation, materials, and service are very important when it comes to the solar industry. Improper materials could break down faster and cause you to regret your big investment quickly.

3. Read What Others Are Saying

Read everything you can find about solar energy. Find out what past and present customers are saying about each of the solar companies that you are considering working with. 

Details about customer service are often revealed here. You may think a company is a great fit but read that they are unreachable after the installation is over. 

4. Take Your Time When Selecting a Solar Company

While the thought of lowering next month’s energy bill can be a motivating reason to invest in solar, it is important not to rush. 

It can be hard to understand the tax incentives, installation cost, monthly payments, and benefits in a short period of time. Factoring in how it will affect your financial profile takes time. Incorporating the cost into your budget is a slow process as well.

5. Read the Fine Print

Long legal contracts are not everyone’s preferred reading material. It is easy to skim through it and sign for the sake of time but it is very important to read the fine print of your solar contract prior to signing it. 

You may discover that you have stipulations that you were not aware of and don’t want to find that information out in a few years. Knowing the contract inside and out to understand what you are signing up for could be the best tip we have on purchasing solar.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read a few tips on selecting a solar company for your home, you can begin this process today. It is important to weigh your options and make an educated decision on this big investment into your home.

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