If you’re looking to sell your house quickly, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up five go-to ways to sell your house fast. Knowing how to sell your house fast starts with laying out your plan.

We’ll go over the different options for selling your house, as well as inexpensive tips to help your home show better. Let’s sell your house.

  • Consult the Professionals

Selling your house doesn’t have to involve weekends spent with paintbrushes and D.I.Y. projects. If you’re looking for an alternative way to sell your home quickly, consider consulting a cash buyer. You’ll receive a free home estimate by a professional real estate expert who wants to buy your home as-is.

If you’re not looking to make renovations and stage your home, cash buyers are the way to go. You can skip the listing process, open houses, and negotiations altogether.

If you decide to go the traditional realtor route, you’ll want to contact a professional to give you their guidance on what your home is worth. Trying to sell your home yourself may seem like it will save you money, but it often takes more time. The more time you carry your house, the more money you’ll spend in the end.

When it comes to photography and 3D technology, you’ll want to stick to the professionals here as well. Without professional photos, potential buyers will just keep scrolling over your listing for other homes that show better. Buyers expect professional pictures with great lighting and staging.

  • Declutter and Purge

Selling your home will take a little sweat equity if you go the traditional route of listing your home.

First, you need to start by decluttering your home. People want to picture themselves and their family living in the home. They don’t want to see your collection of teddy bears and stamps.

One perk of decluttering is you’ll have a great head start on packing. The more you can put away and pack, the less you’ll have to do when it comes time to move. Decluttering means cleaning off all your surfaces.

This means bookshelves, dressers, and console tables. The fewer stuff people see, the more they’ll be able to focus on the architecture and selling features in your home.

Make different piles for things you’d like to keep and pack, donate, or toss in the trash. Donate or throw out anything you don’t need anymore. Old mail, for example, shred it and throw it away.

  • Think Like a Home Stager

Not everyone has the budget to get their home professionally staged. The good thing is that you can do some home staging on your own for free. One of the most important things to remember is that less is always more in a room.

If you have a lot of extra stuff and furniture in a space, clear it out to allow people to see the room. Your home will appear lighter, brighter, and cleaner. Next, make sure each room has a purpose. If your dining room is now your home office and mail collection station, clean it up and stage it as a dining room again.

People want to see that your home has enough space for them and their belongings. Clean out your closets and stage those as well. Pack away anything you don’t need and show how much storage your home has.

If your closets are bursting at the seams and unorganized, people will think you don’t have enough storage. Show off your closets with a little home staging. The same goes for mudrooms and laundry rooms as well.

  • Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Your front yard is your first chance to make a good impression on a buyer. You want to put your best foot forward with a nice curb appeal. To give your home a little facelift, start with the landscaping.

Clean up garden beds, shrubs, and your grass. If it’s spring, remove all the leaves and debris that pile up over the winter. Put pots out with fresh plants and flowers. Invest in a new welcome mat and a wreath or decoration for the front door.

If your budget allows, a new front door is also a good investment. Give your driveway a nice cleaning as well. You can also spend a little money on landscape lights and put them along your driveway or walkway to welcome guests.

  • Make Simple and Inexpensive Updates

Selling your home, doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. You can make a few simple and inexpensive updates that will go a long way. Once your home is purged, give it a nice deep clean.

From here, choose a few rooms to give a fresh coat of paint. Clean your windows and invest in some new window treatments. Drapes, for example, are inexpensive and add nice color and warmth to a room.

Rugs, bedding, and towels are inexpensive updates that make your rooms look fresh new. Anything you buy, you can take with you to your new home as well. If there is room in your budget, cabinet hardware and updated fixtures aren’t expensive to switch out.

Lighting, kitchen cabinet pulls, faucets, and bathroom mirrors are easy things to update that will make your home look newer and more renovated. Don’t forget fresh flowers and a staged patio or deck as well. The more details you cover, the more potential buyers will see.

Sell Your House Quickly Without Breaking the Bank

Knowing how to sell your house quickly, will save you a ton of time, money, and stress. Choosing a reputable cash home buying company is one way to ensure your home sells fast and without any work on your end.

If you go the traditional route, stick to small updates with a big impact. Paint, new flowers in your front yard, and a nice deep clean will go a long way to sell your home.

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