5 Things to Know About Terpenes

So, you’ve seen terpenes for sale, but you don’t know what the deal with this is. Maybe you already know terpenes might provide some therapeutic benefits. But still, you are not convinced about whether or not to buy terpenes. This is why we’ve compelled this list with the main things you need to know about terpenes. Read on to discover 5 exciting facts about terpenes.

1. Terpenes can be found in other plants, besides cannabis

Science says that the fragrant chemicals named hydrocarbons are responsible for the smell of a multitude of plants or foods. So, terpenes offer an aromatic experience and outstanding flavor to a wide array of everyday items, ranging from oranges to pine trees.

2. Terpenes is what keeps the cannabis plant alive

Another interesting fact about terpenes is that it is the main compound that allows the cannabis plant to thrive. Researchers believe that the smell offered by terpenes is meant to prevent predators from damaging the plant. Also, the overpowering smell is intended to entice pollinators to assure plant development.

3. Terpenes can influence your senses

The smell of trees offered by borneol, the citrus craving due to linalool, or the allure for taste buds provided by pulegone, are all main effects of terpenes on your senses. Studies show that the unique composition of terpenes allows you to identify either smells or tastes with a specific item, which in the end influences your opinion about the said item.

4. Terpenes is exceptionally beneficial for therapeutic purposes

Terpenes have numerous health benefits depending on their composition particularities. As an example, if the terpenes strain you are using is rich in caryophyllene, you might benefit from anti-inflammatory properties. At the same time, if the strain is packed with linalool, it might help those who are suffering from anxiety or even depression.

5. Terpenes require a sensitive extraction process

So, the extraction process of terpenes, no matter its source, involves a lot of precision and knowledge. If the extraction is performed incorrectly, terpenes might not be able to offer all the potential benefits. This is the main reason why, when you opt for a terpene’s provider, you should find out additional information about how the compound was extracted. To get the most of it, terpenes must be collected from a qualitative source with high precision. The purity of terpenes relies significantly on the extraction process.