5 Steps to Take Immediately After a Bicycle Accident

Next to pedestrians, cyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on our roadways. Riding a bike requires understanding the laws and being aware of moving traffic, sitting objects, and other people along your path.

One mistake or careless driver can result in a collision with a moving vehicle. Suffering through a bicycle accident can be scary and leave you with lingering injuries. Prevention is the best way to avoid an accident—but if it happens, follow these five steps immediately after an accident while riding a bike.

  • Check Your Injuries

If you’re able to move out of the roadway, get to safety (with your bike) as soon as you can, then assess your injuries. Call for emergency responders to make sure you’re okay to leave the scene or take you to the hospital for severe injuries.

  • Don’t Leave

Even if you’re okay to leave on your own, don’t leave the scene. Wait for the police to arrive and file a report.

If the driver of the vehicle left the scene, it’s still critical for you to stay and document what happened with the police. They can help locate the driver and file the report to help you pursue action against the driver.

  • Document the Scene

Before the police arrive, try to document the details of what happened. Make notes about the location, what happened before the accident, and information on the car and driver involved in your bike accident.

If the driver remained at the scene, get their contact and insurance information. Talk to witnesses and get their contact information, as well.

Avoid negotiating with the driver. If they offer money to repair your bike, don’t accept it. Let the police take their report, then work with a lawyer and the driver’s insurance company to determine a settlement for repairs and medical costs.

  • Don’t Fix Your Bike (Yet)

You might feel ready to get back on the road in a few days, but it’s critical to preserve evidence from the scene until you complete your claim. A lawyer and an insurance adjuster need to see your damaged bike, injuries, and medical bills to pursue your case against the driver.

  • Call a Lawyer

Don’t settle for an offer of cash at the scene or a first offer from the driver’s insurance company. In many cases, those offers aren’t enough to cover expenses for bike repair or medical bills to treat your injuries.

Contact a bicycle accident lawyer with experience fighting for cyclists involved in accidents. They understand how the law applies to cyclist vs. vehicle accidents. A bicycle accident lawyer also knows how to pursue a case with the driver’s insurance company to make sure you win your claim.

Take Action After a Bicycle Accident

Don’t let an accident keep you off the road! Take action after a bicycle accident to make sure you receive compensation for damages and injuries.

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