5 Questions to Ask from a Kids Early Learning Centre Before Enrolling

Childcare and early education is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia. Since early childhood learning plays a vital role in human development, finding the right kids early learning centre can be a daunting task for parents.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of questions to ask a prospective early learning centre before enrolling your kid in it.

How Qualified and Experienced is the Staff in the Learning Centre?

Under Australia’s National Law and Regulations, the early learning centres are required to base their education on an approved learning framework. The learning centre must have well-qualified and experienced staff to meet the Australian government’s minimum requirements.

The guidelines require at least 50% of staff to have a diploma level education. The remaining team needs to have at least Level 3 Certificate.  It would help if you asked the counsellor or the learning facility manager about the experience of their staff in the early learning industry.

Ask About the Educator to Child Ratio in the Learning Facility

Small children are easily distracted and need the proper attention of an older person who can guide them through learning activities. You need to ensure the learning centre is adequately staffed, and they have healthy educator ratios. According to early teaching experts, a good educator to child ratio for children aged up to 3 years is 1:5.

The educator to child ratio increases with children’s increased age. For example, for children aged 2 to 3 years, the ideal educator to child ratio is 1:6 or 1:8.

What Kind of Learning Opportunities the Learning Centre Provides?

Contrary to the belief, early childhood learning is not about teaching basic life skills to your child. Many early learning centres have a wide variety of learning activities to maximise your kid’s learning potential. The learning activities are age-specific and are aimed to maximise every aspect of the kid’s potential (socially, physically, and cognitively)

The early learning programs help the child get friendly with numbers and calculations. For example, mental mathematics teaches children to do simple math in their minds and discourage them from using pencil and paper. Similarly, photographic memory helps children capture visual information in their memory and recall it successfully.

How Does Your Learning Centre Prepare Children for School?

One of the primary objectives of enrolling your child in a kids early learning centreis to prepare them for school life. A child needs to have an excellent ability to communicate and respond before entering kindergarten or primary classes. The learning facility should have dedicated programs that can help your child communicate and respond effectively.

What Kind of Communication do You Have for Parents?

Parents are often worried about how their kids will adapt to early childhood learning. Most kid’s early learning facilities share daily or weekly progress reports of children with parents. The tutor or the person in charge might communicate the progress report in person, or the learning centre might mail you the child’s progress report.

To summarise, these are some of the crucial questions you need to ask a prospective early learning centre.