5 Key Reasons Getting Published Is Important

If you’re a writer of any sort, you’ve probably thought about publishing. You’ve dreamt of the day your novel appears with Harper Collins’ name on the spine or the day your academic article makes it to the journal. 

However, publishing is a tough business to enter. For many writers, the struggle to get published and the anxiety it brings seems like too heavy a burden. 

We want to tell you that this is the wrong way to look at getting published. Publication births a world of opportunities that you’ve never known before. So, if you’re unconvinced, check out these five benefits to publication.

1. Advance Your Career by Getting Published

When your work becomes professionally published, it reaches a much wider audience. Not only does it find a broad group of readers, but it usually draws your kind of readers. 

If you publish a book through Life Science Publishing, for example, you’re much more likely to draw in readers who understand your work.

The same is true if you publish an article in Science magazine, whose readership will comprehend your research. They have a frame of reference that helps them appreciate your skill. If you publish a few more, they may even come to anticipate your work.

2. Getting Professionally Published Builds Credibility

If you already like the idea of publishing, you may wonder whether it’s better to go the self-publishing route or to use traditional publishing methods. While self-publishing is a thriving industry, it lacks something that traditional publishing holds in abundance. 

What’s that, you ask? The answer is credibility. The value of publishing through traditional means is that you get the aid of industry experts that you won’t receive by self-publishing.

3. Connecting With Other Writers

Many writing circles and fields are fairly close-knit. If you can break into the field, it helps you establish connections with other writers. In doing so, you get a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge through recognized experts. 

Moreover, you may get the chance to bounce ideas off of people who share your craft and your interests. It’s an excellent opportunity to continue your growth as a writer.

4. Professional Experience

We already mentioned that with a publication, you get the chance to work with other writers. However, in most publications, you’re almost guaranteed to work with professional editors

Editors are one of the best advantages of the publishing industry. These skilled professionals have top-quality insights to help sharpen your writing and make it the best it can be for your readers. 

5. Further Access to Publications

Once you get published for the first time, it’s easier to get published later. Why is that, you ask? Well, now you’re a professional writer. When agents or publications ask what other work you’ve done, you have something to show them.

Get Started Today

Getting published opens a world of benefits to you as a writer. So, if you’ve got a few pieces tucked away, bring them out and look for places to publish them. Don’t spend time regretting chances you didn’t take. 

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