If you are a bridesmaid or maid of honor, we have just the tips for you on making your bride’s bachelorette party the most memorable night ever. We’ve got your back, keep reading!

How to be a Good Bachelorette Party Host

When you have been given the honor of being a bridesmaid or maid of honor, you want to be sure to do things right. Be sure to check with the bride what type of bachelorette party she will feel comfortable with and plan accordingly. If your bride is the kinky type then do keep reading!

Being a good bachelorette party host involves good communication, creativity, games and loads of fun. This should be a night to remember. Be sure to check out the bachelorette party selection on Cirillas shops online.

5 Must Haves for Every Bachelorette Party

Every bachelorette party needs some props, invitations, edibles, fun toys, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the top party items on Cirillas shops online right now.

  • Cosmo’s bachelorette party games. This pack has ten games included, you will find some of the best bachelorette party favorites, as well as some that will have all of you revealing your deepest and darkest secrets.
  • Same penis forever sash. This one is just a fun addition for the bride to wear if you are having a party out on the town. It also makes for great photos and makes the bride feel super special with all the attention on her. 
  • Glitterati penis party cupcake set. This set of cupcake decorations is bound to get all the girls in giggles as penises are flashed all over the table. It includes 24 cupcake wrappers and 24 cupcake toppers.
  • Rhinestone bride headband. This one goes well with the sash, and makes for amazing photos of your bride to be. She will feel like a princess all night!
  • Glitterati penis party confetti popper. Each mini champagne bottle popper is filled with colorful penis shaped confetti. This one will add a fun touch to the evening as you celebrate the bride.

Bottom Line

Adding any of these suggested items to your bachelorette party props or games, will create a night that all of you will remember and treasure forever. Head on over to Cirilla’s and add your items to cart to be sure they arrive before the big day! Be the best bridesmaid you can be with Cirilla’s at your side.