5 Essential Spring AC Maintenance Tips

Even though spring has been pleasant full of sunshine and colors, you and your family will need a fully operational air conditioner at home to stay comfortable as it gets warmer.

No one wants to be caught off guard with a malfunctioning unit that does not provide sufficient cooling. Here are five AC maintenance tips to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the season.

1. Clean or Replace Filters

When your filter is covered in dust, allergen particles, or dirt, your airflow will decrease. This will make your system push itself to work harder than usual. The air flowing through each room will also become dirtier and can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

Install high-quality filters that do not need to be replaced every few weeks. Alternatively, use reusable filters that can remove airborne pollutants and can be cleaned easily.

2. Check Components and Wiring

The internal connections of your AC are critical to its operations. If you do not check the wiring at least once a year, it can hurt your wallet due to inefficient cooling. Remove your condenser unit’s access panel after turning the power off to check for signs of overheating.

Then check other electrical connections to ensure that they are tight. If you notice any problems or do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, call a professional to avoid damaging the system.

3. Clean Outside Unit

A lot of dirt and grass can collect outside your air conditioner unit. This will reduce the system’s capacity impacting airflow, so an AC maintenance service becomes more essential. It is best to switch off the unit’s power by disconnecting it from the main breaker panel.

Then you should use a garden hose to wash away all the debris. Be careful not to use a power washer because this can damage the unit. Here is an overview of air conditioner replacement costs if things go wrong.

4. Check Your Thermostat

Your thermostat should be working efficiently to keep your home at the right temperature. If you have an older and mechanical thermostat, you should upgrade to a smart and programmable one.

This way, you can save energy and money by not leaving the AC switched on when no one is home because the smart thermostat can cool the property within minutes right before you arrive.

5. Examine Your Condenser Unit’s Fan

If your AC is not cooling correctly, it may be because the condenser unit’s fan blades are in awful shape. To check their condition, turn off the unit’s power. Then examine the fan, which is mounted on top of the outside condenser.

If you see any chips or cracks on the blades, you will need to replace them. For old AC units, you may also need to oil the fan motor bearings frequently. If you are unsure of doing this process on your own, call your HVAC professional to conduct a bi-annual checkup.

Schedule Your AC Maintenance Today

Proper AC maintenance will keep you and your family comfortable during spring and summer while saving you money. It is always best to hire a local AC repair service to do tune-ups twice a year for heating and cooling. They will also inspect and lubricate all the necessary parts of your system for enhanced functionality.

Your AC maintenance company will also replace all filters, check refrigerant levels, clean drain holes, and so much more. If you enjoyed reading these AC maintenance tips, check out our other posts for more guides.