5 Easy Smoke Tricks and How to Do Them

Are you looking for some entertainment when you smoke? Do you want to learn some tricks for your vaping or hookah experience? Knowing how to do even a few basic tricks can make your smoking a lot more fun and creative, all you need to know is how to do them.

Below, we have collected the coolest and easiest to try out. Read on for our essential guide on how to do smoke tricks.

1. How to Do Smoke Tricks With Rings

Starting with a classic, rings are one of the easiest smoke shapes you can create. However, it is much harder than people think and will require some practice.

Start by taking back your smoke without inhaling, and let it linger in your mouth for a while. You then have to purse your lips, as if you were going to make an “Oh!” sound. As you exhale, force a little of the smoke out using the flat, back part of your tongue.

Done correctly, you should see a tiny ring emerge from your mouth. By increasing the gap in your pursed lips, you can make bigger smoke rings. Once you are confident, try to make a huge smoke ring and push a smaller one out and through the middle of it.

One other trick is to release smoke rings in quick succession, though this can prove even tougher. If you can release and flex your throat muscle quickly in time with movements of the tongue, you should see a parade of smoke rings form.

One final variation on this is the jellyfish. Blow a huge smoke ring, then follow through the middle with a jet of thick smoke. This will make your vapor look like a jellyfish as it swims.

2. Tornado

The tornado requires the use of a large, flat table. The darker it is, the better the trick will look as the white smoke against it forms a cool contrast. With this trick, you can send the smoke spiraling like a tornado across the tabletop.

Start with taking back a lot of smoke and holding it in your mouth. Place your lips close to the table surface, then blow out. You are aiming to make the densest cloud possible.

Once you have this, place your hand in the middle of the smoke and bring it upwards, like an inverted karate chop. The smoke should rush to fill the gap in the air, causing it to twist and spiral like a tornado.

If you are having trouble getting the density of smoke for this trick, try to blow the smoke out through a long, hollow, cylindrical object. A toilet roll holder is a great choice.

3. Bane

This trick is named after the characterful Batman villain, as it mimics the look of his iconic mask. It involves exhaling, then inhaling, so lines of smoke form across your upper lip. It starts with a deep draw, holding it in your mouth without taking it into your lungs.

You should then open your mouth, letting your bottom teeth touch the upper lip. Smoke will then begin to seep out of the gaps. If you inhale with your nose, it will draw upwards forming one of the most unique smoke shapes.

A variation on this is to open your mouth even further. The smoke will come out much faster and draw upwards quickly.

4. Ghost Face

This is one of the very easy smoke tricks to complete and can be attempted by even the most novice smoker. It involves covering your face in thick smoke, giving you a spooky, ethereal quality.

You first need to take the biggest hit possible on your smoke. For this reason, this trick tends to work best with bigger smoking items like hookahs, that produce large clouds. If you cough or choke, then release the smoke, wait till your mouth and lungs have cleared then start again.

Tilt your head back so that it is level. Begin to exhale very slowly with your mouth wide open. The smoke should begin to creep out, covering the surface of your face.

5. The Dragon

The dragon is the pinnacle of smoke and vape tricks. It involves breathing out through your mouth and nose at the same time, releasing smoke from both in a controlled fashion. While it is easy, it looks cool, especially with thick, lingering vapors.

Start by taking in smoke and practice breathing it out through your nose only. For many experienced smokers, this should be simple.

Once you have this, practice creating a gap on each side of your mouth. Make sure the middle part of your lips is closed tightly, with the edges more loose and open. It should look like a wry smile.

If you have trouble keeping the middle closed, then place your tongue on the bottom lip to hold it in place. Once you have this, you can practice breathing out through the nose and lips. You should have the appearance of a dragon, puffing out smoke shapes from its nose and mouth.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now you know how to do smoke tricks, you just need to get practicing. The most taxing is by far the ring smoke shape, but once you have it you can perform almost anything. It can also be used as the basis for a multitude of other tricks.

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