5 Common Garage Door Problems Worth Fixing

Did you know that in 2019, the homeownership nationwide was at 64.2%? Not every homeowner has a garage, but a good majority of them do. Homeowners tend to take their garage doors for granted and don’t keep up with the necessary maintenance it requires.

Read on to learn about five of the most common garage door problems that are worth fixing.

  • Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door is a problem for many reasons. For one, it’s extremely annoying, especially for anyone who sleeps near the garage.

If you know how to repair your garage door, you know that a noisy garage is not a hard issue to fix. Generally, all you need to do is replace some parts and ensure you are keeping up with maintenance.

The most common garage door repair tips that could fix this problem include checking the tracks and rollers, tightening the hardware, checking the pulleys and cables, and testing the door balance. If these techniques don’t fix your noisy door, the hinges may need replacement.

  • Frozen Garage Door

Garage door hacks mean nothing on the coldest days of the year. Cold moisture can conspire on these days and make something as simple as closing and opening the garage door difficult.

When your garage door freezes to the floor, it could be a minor icy connection. However, if you can’t open your garage door on the first try, you could have a more serious problem. Try not to keep hitting the garage door opener out of frustration, this is likely to cause more problems.

You can use DIY garage door repair tips like melting the ice with a hairdryer or heat gun to fix this issue.

  • Security Issues

Garage door repair isn’t always as simple as replacing something and keeping up with maintenance. Unfortunately, a garage is easy to break into which leads to all of your belongings being at risk.

You can opt for custom garage doors that come with better security. With a new garage door, you can enjoy a more modernized door opener that can help keep out any intruders.

  • Worn-Out Springs

Another reason your garage could be acting up is that the springs are worn out. A garage door has torsion springs or extension springs that connect to pulleys and cables. Springs are what allow the door to open and close.

Because the springs deal with constant pressure, they wear out after a while. The best thing to do to fix this issue is to replace the springs entirely.

  • Worn-Out Garage Door

A worn-out garage door needs to get replaced because there is nothing that can get done to fix the problem. However, if you maintain your garage properly, the door can last more than 50 years. Neglecting your garage door maintenance can lead to a shorter life span of 10 or 15 years.

Fix Garage Door Problems Now

Replacing a garage door and its parts isn’t always the easiest process to go through. Luckily, garage doors can last a long time if they are maintained the right way. A lot of issues can be fixed on their own, but if you are unsure how to handle an issue, call a professional for help.

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