5 Business Travel Tips to Make Corporate Travel a Breeze

Business travel is an essential part of the global economy. It facilitates new business deals and spreads wealth to different regions of the world.

The global tourism and travel industry is valued at nearly $9 trillion. The business aspect of travel and tourism accounts for more than 20% of that figure.

The widespread distribution of the coronavirus vaccine means that corporate travel is ready to begin again. Read on for a comprehensive guide to business travel. Explore five business travel tips that are certain to make your next assignment a breeze.

1. Speed Up Your Travel

No one wants to wait in the long lines at the airport. Whether it is ticketing or security, these lines are exhausting and inefficient.

One of the best travel tips is to sign up for programs and apps that speed up your travel. For example, download your airline’s app so that you can check-in online. Also, membership programs like TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry speed up the security process.

These tips allow you to save time and stress on the flight. You can sleep in and show up at the airport later this way.

2. Skip the Checked Bags

Bringing large luggage adds more time to your flight. This is another long line to wait in. Worse yet, you are dragging around a heavy bag.

Professional travelers only bring carry-on bags. This way, they can proceed straight to security when they arrive at the airport. When the flight is over, they do not have to wait for their bags either.

3. Sign Up for Rewards

There are many generous rewards programs out there for business travelers. Both airlines and hotels offer free programs to help you save money.

For airlines, you receive rewards based on the number of miles you fly. Similarly, major hotel chains issue points for each stay. You can use accumulated miles and points to help pay for your next family vacation.

4. Large Groups

In many cases, a large number of employees are heading to the same destination. This occurs when there is a training event or business conference to attend.

To make it a more enjoyable trip, consider moving away from the chain hotel approach to lodging. Many companies are using corporate housing instead. This is a great way to give employees a customized experience without the tired two queen bed hotel room.

5. Save Your Receipts

The final step in the business travel process is reimbursement. The majority of companies require the provision of receipts.

This is their accounting department’s primary method of expense verification. Saving receipts for flights, lodging, and rental cars is most important. Other smaller expenses like gasoline and entertainment may also be necessary.

A Recap of Business Travel Tips

Business travel is set to take off again. Now is the time to start saving your miles and hotel points. Make your flight more enjoyable by packing light and signing up for programs that expedite onboarding.

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