5 Bird Proofing Tips to Keep Your Property Bird-Free


Birdwatching is a popular activity; however, when birds begin to take over your home and property, your attitude may change. While some birds are helpful by eating pesky insects and weeds, they can also be pests, feed on your garden, damage your home, or leave droppings that cause health concerns for you, your family, and your pets.

The good news is that humane and effective bird proofing is possible. Keep reading to learn some of the top methods to try.

  • Shiny Objects

Reflective or shiny objects are effective deterrents for problem birds. The reflection of light off these items will discourage birds from coming back.

You can choose anything shiny from aluminum cans or old CDs to metallic wrapping paper or mirrors. Try to hang these items by landing or nesting areas that the problematic birds frequent.

  • Baking Soda

If you are dealing with pigeons or another type of nuisance bird on your windowsills or patio area, try to sprinkle baking soda on the areas they like to perch. Bird’s feet are sensitive. This means they won’t like how it feels and they will find somewhere new to perch.

If you don’t want to use baking soda, another option is double sided tape.

  • Bird Spikes

A bird spike is a long, needle-like rod that can be used for bird control. The spikes can be made from plastic or tin cans and put in dirt or attached to your overhangs and windows using wire.

You can also make bird spikes by hammering nails into wood. Birds do not like sitting on these because they are uncomfortable, which means they are much more likely to stay away.

  • Predator Decoys

If you are dealing with birds around your deck, pool, or garden, you can set up predator decoys to help scare them away. When the birds see their natural predators on your property, they will avoid landing there, which helps to solve your bird problem.

The key to ensuring that this method works is by moving your decoys around regularly. If you don’t do this, birds will get used to them being there and finally realize they are not a threat.

  • Hire the Professionals

Hiring professionals, like the team from https://ccsenvironmental.uk/ for help, is a smart move too. If none of the above methods seem effective, or if you want someone else to handle your bird proofing needs, this is probably the best option.

The professionals will come to your property, evaluate the problem, and take the needed steps to ensure that birds go away and stay away.

Now You Know Some Effective Bird Proofing Tips

When it comes to bird proofing, the tips above will help you get started. Take some time to try one or all of these to get rid of your bird problem and the mess they are likely leaving behind.

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