5 Basic Self-Defense Moves Everyone Should Know

No matter who you are, there are several basic self-defense moves that you should know.

When it comes to self-defense you need to be completely focused on self-preservation. You don’t have to be a martial arts master or professional fighter to learn a few moves to protect yourself.

If you’re interested in the best self-defense moves you can use to protect yourself, then read on! These moves are simple, easy-to-learn, and effective.

  • Knee to Groin Kick

The most important tip to remember if you are in a self-defense situation is to aim for your attacker’s vulnerable points.

For men, a kick to the groin will shock them and most likely get you to a point where you can run away.

From a short distance, you are able to use your knee to quickly project a lot of force to this vulnerable point.

  • Fingers or Knuckles to Eyes

If your hands are free in any capacity, you can use your fingers to quickly jab at your attacker’s most vulnerable point— their eyes.

Jabbing, gouging, or pushing your knuckles on someone’s eyes will force them to protect themselves, allowing you a chance to escape.

  • Heel of Your Palm to Nose

If an attacker is coming towards you, one effective move you do is to take a wide stance with your legs and project the heel of your palm upwards at your attacker’s nose.

No matter how strong you are, you will most likely have the strength to do some serious damage and potentially even break your attacker’s nose. This is a debilitating strike that will allow you to run to safety.

  • Elbow Strike to Face

If you are in close-quarters with your attacker and do not have the distance you need to kick or punch them you can use your elbows for an effective strike.

Put your hand towards your face so that your elbow is at a point, and then swivel your head and body to gain momentum and strike with your elbow. Your elbow is extremely hard and you will be able to apply a ton of force with this move.

  • Knife-Hand to Neck

If your attacker is within striking distance, one of the most effective moves you can do is striking them with a knife-hand to their neck.

To form a “knife-hand,” simply hold your hand out flat with your fingers together. Strike them in the neck with the flat edge of your hand as hard as possible.

The neck is an extremely sensitive location that contains the carotid artery and jugular vein. By striking them in this way, you will have gained yourself valuable seconds to escape.

Non-Lethal Tools to Protect Yourself

As an alternative to a few of these moves, you can also be prepared with a non-lethal weapon to protect yourself against an attacker.

A stun gun is a small and effective tool to use when you are in close combat with an attacker. Finding the best stun gun will help you effectively ward off an attacker so that you can run to find help as quickly as possible.

The Best Self-Defense Moves to Protect Yourself

Now you know the best self-defense moves you can use to protect yourself in the event of an attack.

Practice these moves at home so that you are confident when utilizing them against an attacker. Remember, after you have escaped from combat, run to find help immediately.

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