December 4, 2023

Picture yourself living in a quaint suburban neighborhood near both the beach and the mountains. There are only a few weeks out of each year where you need to pull out your heavy jacket and suffer through the cold. You know each of your closest neighbors by name and get together a few times a year for an old-fashioned southern barbecue.

Sound perfect? This isn’t the setup for an idealistic movie, but the description of a genuine place. Alabama is home to all the warm weather and southern charm you could wish for.

Not convinced? Continue reading to learn five awesome reasons why you should move to Alabama.

1. Warm Weather Almost All Year

If you’re not the biggest fan of winter, a move to Alabama is especially awesome. Like other southern states (like Florida), Alabama features warm weather almost all year. There are a few cold weeks in January, but you’re not likely to see temperatures below 30 Fahrenheit.

Why does it stay warm? Alabama is classified as a humid subtropical climate. This means hot summers, mild winters, and plenty of rain spread throughout the whole year.

2. Diverse Landscape

Alabama has a bit of everything when it comes to landscape and nature. There are mountains and wetlands, forests and beaches. You’ll also find caves, flatlands, and (if you’re not a nature buff) there are thriving cities, too.

3. Friendly People

Wish you could take a step into one of those classic films depicting “southern hospitality.” In Alabama, hospitality isn’t an ideal but a way of life. Even if your neighbors or coworkers aren’t overly fond of you, they’ll still be polite about it.

How friendly and inviting people are will depend on which part of the state you move to, of course. People in a larger city are less likely to invite you over for supper versus in a rural or suburban setting. But they’ll still likely wave and let you borrow that cup of sugar you need.

4. Amazing Food

Southern food is infamous for being delicious, if not entirely healthy. You’ll find BBQ ribs, collard greens, and fried green tomatoes in homes and local eateries around the state. Black-eyed peas, southern fried steak, and a variety of home-style desserts also make the menus.

5. Low Cost of Living

Alabama has the seventh-lowest cost of living in the nation, making it an affordable place to build your dream home. The median home price is $129,300, and the livable wage is only $45,824. For many, Alabama offers all the best parts of Florida but at a significantly lower cost.

More Questions About Why You Should Move to Alabama?

There are many reasons why you should move to Alabama. The five awesome reasons above are only the best, and this list is far from inclusive. If you love warm weather, friendly people, and affordable living, Alabama is the perfect state for you.

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