September 25, 2023

Texas is having a huge real estate boom. Experts expect the state’s population to rival California and New York in the coming years. With affordable home and land prices, it’s not hard to see why many people are flocking to this state.

The Texas housing market is incredibly healthy, so you might want to consider getting a piece of it. Building a house in Texas is a great way to claim your part of the Lone Star State. But don’t rush into it just yet.

Before you build your dream home, here are four things you should know.

  • Find the Right Builders

Since they will be responsible for the outcome of your home, choosing the right builder is important. Whether you’re building in a planned community or on land you bought, find a building you’re excited to work with.

Be sure to conduct interviews of multiple contracting companies to find the one best suited to your needs. Ask them about their previous experience with building custom homes and ask to see a portfolio of previous work.

  • Make Careful Design Decisions

In the home building process, it’s easy to go overboard with your design decisions. That’s why you want to work smart for both the aesthetic and practical sides of the design.

Work with design experts that can help you find which home details to focus on. You don’t want to sacrifice the best roof for your home for the sake of trendy interior design decisions.

  • File a Building Permit

This is an essential step to take before you start building. You will need a permit to start building, but jurisdictions have different requirements. In most cases, the city where you’re building your home will provide the permit.

With no mandatory statewide codes, individual cities and local municipalities are the ones in charge of decisions on home building. Because of Texas’s relaxed building codes, you should have no problem building your home.

  • Have a Home Inspection

Just because this is a new home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it inspected. It’s a misconception that new construction homes don’t need an inspection, but newly built homes can still have issues that go unaddressed.

You should hire a third-party professional to check all of the home’s major systems, i.e., electrical and plumbing. You may also want specialized inspections for potential issues specific to your home.

The peace of mind in your new home is worth the extra step.

The New Land Rush: Building a House In Texas

Many people are flocking to the south, and it’s not just for the winter. Texas has become the home for many people from across the country seeking lower housing prices.

Texas allows you the unique opportunity to build your dream house at a much lower cost. There are many opportunities but don’t book a plane ticket right away to start the process of building a house.

Knowing these four tips for building a house in Texas will ensure you’re prepared for the process.

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