4 Simple Ways to Improve Retail Customer Experience

While retail was once product-focused, these days it’s a different story. After all, there are many retail stores offering the same products as you while everything you sell (and anything you don’t) is available online.

Now, the key to ongoing success in the retail world is all about making the product secondary to the retail customer experience. Obviously, you want your customers to leave your store with products. But often, the positive experience they take away with them alongside these products is what will keep them coming back time and time again.

Not sure how to create a winning customer experience strategy that resonates with shoppers? Check out these tips for retail stores to learn how you can give your customers what they want!

  • Inspiring Shopping Environment

If we see a sale as a souvenir of a shopping trip rather than the reason for it, we can begin to understand how important it is to create the perfect customer experience through the store’s environment.

Here, factors such as temperature, music, lighting, and fragrance all come into play. The in-store temperature should never be too stuffy or too cold and the music you play should be uplifting but never overbearing. Likewise, the store should be well-lit but not blinding, and the choice of fragrance should be subtle and appropriate for your customer base.

  • Product Display

As well as creating the right ambiance for a positive customer experience, strong in-store visuals are vital for appealing to your customers.

Understanding how to display products depends a lot on what you’re selling. That said, custom product displays are always a great way to get customers’ attention, inspire confidence, and improve sales.

Beyond this, including multidimensional displays provides visual interest, while including focal points avoids overwhelming customers. But, one of the most important retail business tips is to maintain a neat and tidy store at all times.

  • Responsive Assistance

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, retailers should aim to help customers in a more responsive way.

Sephora’s color-coded basket system and the praise it received shows that many customers prefer to browse uninterrupted. Operating on a similar system ensures that operatives can spend their valuable time seeing to customers who want help. It also avoids creating uncomfortable situations for customers who don’t.

  • Shorter Waiting Times

Long lines leave customers dissatisfied and kill sales. In fact, American shoppers will abandon a checkout line after waiting to pay for a mere eight minutes.

One of the easiest ways to do cut waiting times is by installing a modern tablet-based POS system. If lines start to appear, all a sales assistant has to do to serve a few customers on the spot is to switch on a tablet.

  • Improving the Retail Customer Experience

As these retail business tips show, improving the retail customer experience you provide revolves around understanding what your customers want beyond the products you have for sale.

By creating a welcoming and inspiring environment with responsive assistance, your customers are more likely to return for a repeat of the same positive experience, whether they want to buy something or not.

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