4 Factors to Consider When Building a Home Theater

When last did you go and see a movie? When did you last get to experience the faint smell of buttered popcorn filling your nostrils, and the excitement of the darkening room as the trailers finish and the show’s about to start?

The film industry and cinephiles alike have taken a major hit, as cinemas have closed their doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This has left movie-goers all over the world pining for that cinematic experience.

If you’re passionate about the big screen and need your fix, why not try and recreate the experience in the comfort of your home? Keep reading for everything you need to know about building a home theater.

No Lights, Camera, Action

When building a home theater, the first and most important consideration is your location. If you want the ultimate cinematic experience, you’re going to want to choose a room that doesn’t get too much light and is also fairly isolated.

The darker the room, the better the display. Too much light and you’ll have to fight to see the screen. The room doesn’t have to be pitch black, of course, but make sure there’s no direct sunlight getting in.

Enjoy a Silent Movie

We’re not recommending you go back to the old black and white classics (unless that’s your thing). But it’s good to choose a location for your theater where you won’t be bothered by outdoor sounds.

If you don’t live alone, ensure that you choose a location where you won’t be disturbed. This means a room in your house that’s away from the action and won’t get too much noise.

The basement is generally a good bet in terms of minimal noise and perfect lighting.

How Slick Is Your Setup? 

The cheapest home cinema can be made with a simple projector, a blank wall, and a speaker. However, this setup isn’t very comfortable and is definitely not a great long-term solution.

Investing in good technology, like a proper sound system and display, will give you the best home movie experience possible. You could also go the DIY route with an HDMI cable and a decent set of Bluetooth speakers.

Otherwise, companies like Very Sound Advice will customize your home theater to suit your space.

Leaving it to the experts will give you a great long-term movie setup, and you’ll ultimately save on movie tickets.

Add in the Extras

With the right location and setup, your home theater should be good to go. But you may want to add in some extras to make your experience more comfortable.

Throw in some extra-comfy floor cushions, or even reclining chairs for a cozy home theater. You could even go all-out and buy a popcorn machine!

If you have kids, movie nights with popcorn are a great way to keep them occupied indoors, particularly during winter.

Building a Home Theater: A Boredom (Block)Buster

With lockdowns looming, it looks like we’ll be spending most of our time indoors. Building a home theater is a great way to keep yourself entertained in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking for more ways to keep yourself entertained or some creative inspiration, check out our art section.