4 Benefits of Playing the Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments, allowing users to play classics like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Guitar chords for casual players are available from various sources online, and you may be able to find free chords to some of your favorite music.

There have been many studies conducted to find a relationship between playing an instrument and its effects on the human body. You may not be aware of it, but learning the guitar has many positive benefits on your brain. Let’s explore some of these benefits below.

Memory Improvement

Your memory is a muscle that you can lose if you don’t exercise it properly. You can exercise your brain by performing various tasks, such as playing the guitar. A study that was commissioned by the government found that children playing the guitar showed improvements in their intelligence, their memory, and their behavior.

Certain areas of the brain that control memory, the hands, and hearing become active when the guitar is being played, leading to positive changes in the brain’s structure. It benefits children and adults of all ages, including individuals over 65 years old.

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Increased Creativity

Creating music is a creative process that requires imagination, improvisation, and the pairing of different sounds and chords. This process enhances your creativity, and you’d be surprised what you can create. The process of learning, playing, and creating songs is fun and highly rewarding once you’ve mastered what you’ve been working on.

Coordination is Improved

If you’ve ever played an instrument, you know how difficult it can be if you haven’t developed proper dexterity or hand-eye coordination. When you first begin playing, the chords will come out clumsily and you may have to play a lot slower than you want to.

As you progress, and your skills increase, so does your hand-eye coordination and dexterity. These will develop over time as you continue your practice and your brain recognizes information more readily.

Motor function will improve and you will find yourself strumming out the most popular tunes with little hesitation and fewer mistakes.

It Has Therapeutic Effects

Music has been known to cause different emotions in others and has been used for many as an outlet and a method of self-expression. Playing the guitar can increase relaxation and calm, allowing individuals to relieve stress and tension that has built up throughout the day. As you get better at the guitar, you will be

Able to use it to express emotions and thoughts while playing. This process can be very therapeutic and can help when processing trauma or difficult emotions.

There are plenty of reasons to pick up a guitar, some of which are highly beneficial to the brain and the body. The guitar is a lot of fun, with plenty of songs to play and music to learn. If you’re interested in learning some classic Rolling Stones guitar chords and other classic songs, websites like NeatChords and others have free chords to songs by thousands of artists.