Ten to fifteen years ago, people barely had any idea about the impact of coffee cups made of plastic and related toxic materials on the environment. People used to casually roam around with their coffee mugs, totally oblivious about Mother Earth. Nevertheless, the circumstances have changed as activists and concerned individuals worldwide have unanimously joined hands to switch to eco-friendly ways in the wake of globalisation and massive industrialisation. As a result, people across the world have started using reusable coffee mugs in place of ordinary paper cups in a mission to save nature. People carry reusable coffee cups in the UK to coffee shops, saving the environment and getting refreshed, one sip at a time.

Do these cups make an impact, as mentioned? Why should one invest in a reusable coffee cup? We will find answers to these questions by looking at the major advantages of these eco-friendly cups.


Accumulation of waste is the primary reason to stop using ordinary disposable cups. Around 12,000 disposable cups are discarded every 2 minutes in the UK, tallying up to 2.6 billion cups in a year. People have the assumption that disposable coffee cups, in general, are recyclable. But, the truth is that only 2 in 800 cups are recycled. There is a thin outer layer made of plastic in most disposable cups, making the cups waterproof. But, it is almost impossible to separate the lining from the cardboard in a standard recycling plant. Most of the plants in the UK do not support plastic lining removal. Switching to reusable coffee cups solves this issue forever and saves a lot of complications.


According to research conducted in 2004, each reusable coffee cup ensures a minimum lifespan of at least a thousand uses. The consumer can wash the cup after each use, and they never really have to think about the condition of the cup (for instance, whether they would degrade or not). The major advantage is that one does not need to throw the cup away into the open environment and make the condition worse than before. Recycling disposable glasses also takes up a lot of energy. There has been a significant reduction in energy consumption (97 per cent) since the advent of reusable coffee cups in the UK.


Compared to the cardboard cups that we get in a coffee shop, reusable coffee cups have better heat retention as they keep the coffee warm for a more extended period. This is an excellent feature because most people might have had a dissatisfaction with carrying the coffee cup back to the office/library only to find that the coffee has turned cold. This is because of the inadequate heat retention capacity of ordinary disposable cups. With the introduction of reusable cups, consumers can easily tackle this problem.


Enterprising brands like Huskee have introduced reusable coffee cups in exquisitely stunning designs and varying sizes to appease the aesthetics-lover in you! For cafephile, the cup that holds the coffee is as important as the coffee itself.

Considering the product’s longevity and the role it plays in protecting the environment, investing in a reusable coffee cup is a steal deal.