3GP to AVI, MP4, MP3 converter and vice versa

The 3GP format was conceived above all for mobile devices such as cell phones and in fact it is one of the most used formats for recording or viewing videos on mobile phones. Its success and, therefore, its diffusion certainly put us in front of the problem of having to convert it into more accessible formats such as avi or perhaps in antagonistic formats such as MP4 which is another format widely used on mobile devices. But 3gp can also contain audio only and therefore it would be useful to be able to convert it to the famous MP3 audio format as well.

Think for example of the case in which you want to copy the video recorded with the mobile phone to your computer. For an excellent visualization of the movie and in order not to have problems with the players you have installed it will be better to convert them to the avi format. Or, vice versa, if you have a video on your computer and want to transfer it to your mobile phone, you will need to convert it to the 3GP format first. The same is true if you want to transfer the video from one mobile device to another but use the 3GP format for the videos and the MP4 format for the other.

All this to get to tell you that today I present to you what is, in my opinion, the best converter for the 3GP format, able to convert from 3gp to avi, to mp4, to mp3 and vice versa. Basically, this converter accepts any video format and manages to convert it to the four named formats.

Another useful feature of this 3GP converter is the ability to select only a portion of the video to convert.

Also, very importantly, this converter is free, efficient and very easy to use. Now I show you where to download it and how to use it.

Download the 3GP converter

The converter in question is called Free 3GP Video Converter and you can download it for free.

The file to download is only 5.7 Mb and once the download is complete you can proceed with the installation.

Installation is quick and easy but I ask you to pay attention to a particular window in which you are asked to install a useless toolbar. Then deselect the three items you find and continue with the installation.

How to convert 3GP to AVI, MP4, MP3

To launch the converter, follow the path below: Start> All Programs> DVDVideoSoft> Programs> Free 3GP Video Converter or click on the icon on the program’s desktop (if you have created it).

The interface is very simple and intuitive. Let’s examine in detail the three fields of the converter:

Input files: this is the first field that we find in the screen and is used to load the video to be converted. To do this we can click on Browse or drag the video file directly on the white part. The Remove button is used to delete an inserted video while the Trim button can be used to select a portion of the video in case we want to convert only a part of the video that interests us.

Output files is the field where you will have to choose the path where you want the converted videos to be saved. Help yourself with the Browse button to select the path and use Output name if you want to add additional information to the file after conversion.

Formats and Presets are used to select respectively the format in which to convert the video (3GP, AVI, MP4 and MP3) and the quality of the file. If you select MP4, you can also choose the device to which the file is intended on Presets. In fact, there are, in this case, all types of iPod, iPhone and of course the classic MP4 format.

As soon as you have finished selecting these options, you can start the conversion by clicking on the Convert button located at the bottom right. Using the program in question is easier than it seems.

Feel free to use this 3GP to AVI, MP4, MP3 converter and vice versa and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.