February 8, 2023

Examinations are one of the most challenging and draining school activities every student will face. These tests aim to assess a pupil’s understanding of a subject and see if they learned anything during class discussions. While it is a great way to measure knowledge, aptitude, and skill, examinations can stress a child out and take a toll on their physical, mental, and emotional wellness—especially if they are studying for their maths tests. Fortunately, tutorial services from a primary, O, N, or A level math tutor has become prevalent in Singapore.

Tutorial lessons have been a crucial part of almost every child’s educational journey for many years. According to various sources, about seven in ten parents in the city-state send their kids to tuition lessons to improve their grades and school performance. Some mums and dads even hire a tutor for their children to help them keep up with other kids at school. On the other hand, a few parents treat primary and secondary tutorial sessions, like an E math tuition class in Singapore, as a child care service that keeps their kids busy while they and their spouses work.

While maths tutors are happy to help kids with their schoolwork and assist parents with their responsibilities, their tuition lessons can have a different role. These professionals in the education sector can offer Primary School Leaving Examination or PSLE math tuition classes online or offline to help children prepare for this vital test. Maths tutors can design programmes to help kids better understand mathematical concepts and give them tips and tricks on solving specific maths problems to help them feel ready and more confident about acing their PSLE.


Why Your Child Should Have A PSLE Math Tutor

For many mums and dads, hiring a PSLE math tutor for their child seems excessive. They do not want to spend money on additional lessons that may not improve their little one’s academic performance and only burden them. They also believe that school lessons are more than enough to help their child learn about the world and develop skills that would prepare them for their bright future.

While tutorial lessons can be challenging and accredited institutions can provide kids with the learning experience they need, working with a primary, O, N or A level math tutor can help your youngster gain a broader perspective on the world of mathematics. Attending these classes can also prepare them for troublesome tests like the PSLE—a significant duty of every maths tuition instructor in the city-state.

Scroll through to learn about the three reasons that will convince you to enrol your child in a PSLE math tuition class offered through online platforms or offline venues.

1.  A Maths Tutor Can Prepare Kids For Their PSLE

As their title suggests, a PSLE math tutor in Singapore can help prepare your kid for their upcoming Primary School Leaving Examination. According to the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board or SEAB, the PSLE is an annual national examination. Suitable candidates take this test in their final year at their primary school institution to allow the authorities to assess their knowledge and skills. According to the Ministry of Education or MOE, the PSLE also acts as a placement exam to help parents and educators understand the ideal courses and subject levels for young learners.

If you decide to enrol your kid on PSLE math tuition in an online or physical platform, you are helping them feel prepared for one of the most vital exams they should take during their life as a student. Hiring a PSLE math tutor can also help your kid set expectations on the type of questions they will answer for this monumental test.

2.  A Maths Tutor Can Help Parents Ensure Their Child’s Learning

Hiring a PSLE math tutor in Singapore is not a requirement to help your child pass the leaving test. You can rely on their school teachers to provide them with everything they need for the exam or help them study at home with your and your spouse’s assistance. You can also find YouTube videos that will guide you in helping your child prepare for their PSLE.

However, tutoring your child can be challenging nowadays—especially if you and your partner have full-time jobs. Juggling your responsibilities as a mum or dad and a company worker can be tricky and may not ensure your child’s preparedness for their tests. Moreover, tutoring your kid may be headache-inducing due to their complex lessons, specifically with maths. Simple mathematical problems have become more confusing due to the continuously advancing school programmes. If you want to ensure that your youngster feels prepared for their PSLE, hire a math tutor who has been keeping up with the advancements in primary and secondary learning programmes.

3.  A Maths Tutor Can Address Study Problems

Mathematics is a complex discipline that requires patience and continuous practice. It is one of the most hated school subjects due to its complicated nature, which can confuse and frustrate your young one. Fortunately, hiring a PSLE math tutor in Singapore can help your child better understand and appreciate the subject.

Moreover, a PSLE math tutor knows what to do whenever they have a student in class who is experiencing specific study problems. They may assess the pupil’s learning style and create a programme to address their difficulties. If your child is a visual learner, the tutor will utilise charts, posters, and videos to help them process a mathematical concept or problem through a method that works for them. If your young one can ace a subject through continuous practice and topic repetition, their tutor can give them activity sheets regularly to sharpen their mathematical skills.

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Working with a PSLE math tutor in Singapore is not for everyone. Some parents rely on school teachers to prepare their kids for the leaving examination, while others want to help their children through at-home tutoring.

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