3 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Personal Branding Today


The logo you made in Microsoft Paint for your craft-selling shop? It’s not good enough. Definitely not good enough in 2020. If you want to attract more customers and create a definitive look for your company, it’s time to think about personal branding.

These are the three reasons why creating a personal brand is an essential investment.

To Get Recognized

Branding is key to getting recognized. Getting recognized frequently gets you business. So it’s important to learn more about personal branding.

When creating your branding, it’s essential to go for eye-catching designs that speak to your targeted customer demographic.

If you want to sell hand-carved furniture to 30-something hipsters, you would not want your personal brand logo to feature a lot of neon 1980’s style graphics.

Similarly, if you are running a party planning service, stay away from dark, somber graphics and opt for fun personal branding photography.

Create an impression and get recognized by building a personal brand that entices your desired customers.

To Create a Cohesive Customer Experience

Have you ever googled a business and found two results, a website and a Facebook listing with the same name. They seem to be located in the same area, but they have very different style of graphics, logos, and writing styles on their promotional materials.

This is bad. This confuses customers who are just trying to get more information about the company.

If you cannot create a cohesive customer experience with your branding across digital platforms and into print, it will lead to confusion and disinterest on the part of your potential customers.

To Communicate Your Intentions

Personal branding strategy is a little like a paper and digital version of “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Use your branding to project your vision for the company. This brings respect and engagement from customers or potential customers.

This can seem a bit like a “Fake it ’til you make it” situation, where your branding might look more professional than you feel. That’s ok! We all get a little bit of Imposter Syndrome sometimes.

Right now, recognize that your branding is there to show off your potential. Use the colors, styles, and wording of it to communicate what your company is growing into, not just how you feel about it today.

Go for sleek, tailored designs for a professional look and feel. For on-paper marketing content, this may mean textured and embossed business cards. Online it could require high-resolution graphics and a rapidly responsive website that is optimized for computer, tablet, and phone screens.

Branding isn’t just what customers see. It’s what they read and hear too. What values are you communicating about your brand in your content?

Design Your Personal Branding

Now that you know the importance of personal branding, it’s time to design your own. Whether you work with a professional or use free tools like Canva to come up with stunning graphics and replicable text styles, put some work into it.

Branding is the type of investment that pays dividends. Learn more about ways to strengthen your business at Wis Up.