Should I File a Lawsuit? What to Consider

  Did you hear about the Subway lawsuit? A disgruntled customer sued Subway for false advertisement and won a $500,000 award settlement. It turns out that the foot-long sandwiches were really only 11 and ¾ inches long. Every day courtrooms see all sorts of different lawsuits, ranging from property damage to injuries, and more. If […]

Types of Pergolas

The vast majority of the custom made pergolas you see are either wood or vinyl. Notwithstanding, there are metal and fiberglass pergolas also. Choosing which you favor truly relies upon which you like the vibe of best, the amount you need to spend, and whether you’re willing to do some essential upkeep to enable your […]

4 Plastic Surgery Benefits You Need to Know

If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, you’re not alone—it’s something over 17 million Americans have done each year. Cosmetic enhancements are one of the best ways to create the look you’ve always wanted, helping patients look youthful, healthy, and beautiful. While the media loves to highlight the risks, the truth is that plastic surgery has […]