15 rummy game variants you must know

Cards have been a great source of entertainment since times immemorial. Rummy in India has a special place and diverse cultures have modified the rummy game creating variants. Online availability of rummy has won the hearts of many people giving them an easy to download, play and enjoy activity on their fingertips. Following are 15 rummy game variants you must know about:

  1. 13 card rummy – Fun, simple to play and fast game of cards very famous in India. In this game, each player is dealt 13 cards and the goal is to arrange it in such a way that it forms sequences and sets. A balance of the right strategy, skill and timing will decide your victory. It might sound like an easy game but one has to focus, concentrate, analyze and articulate to win it.
  2. Points Rummy – The most basic and simple format of 13 card rummy is Points Rummy. Most liked version of online rummy, which is quick to complete and at the same time offers a breath of refreshment ideal for beginners without spending too much time on it.
  3. Deals Rummy – Comprising of a predetermined number of deals where each player is given the same number of chips at the beginning of the game. At the end of each deal, the losing player has to part with his chips to the winner. After which, the players get ranked as per chip count.
  4. Pool Rummy – All players sit around on a table to play the game. There are two variations here namely 101 and 201. Similar toPoints Rummy, in Pool Rummy player have to avoid getting more than 101 or 201 points, depending on the game type you’ve chosen to play. The winner is the one who stays till the end, when all others have been eliminated from the game.
  5. 21 cards game or popularly known as Indian marriage – Played in the festive period of Diwali and Dusshera particularly. It uses 3 decks of cards inclusive of the jokers and each player is given 21 cards to begin with. The goal of forming at least 3 pure runs into proper sequence or sets.
  6. Canasta –Canasta means ‘basket’ in Spanish. This game has various types based on the number of players playing. Commonly played by 4 players in 2 partnerships composed of 2 decks of cards and 4 jokers. The aim is to form melds with 7 cards from the same rank and ‘go out’ by playing it all together.
  7. Rummikub – The game uses 104 tiles with numbers 1-13 ranging among 4 colors. The game is played among 2-4 people where each gets 14-16 tiles at the beginning of the game. Each player takes a tile turn-wise and have to make sets. The game can be played various variations.
  8. Marriage Rummy – Game of 5 players maximum. It uses only wild card jokers and no printed jokers. After the players receive 21 cards each, they need to form combinations of 3 cards and win the game.
  9. Gin Rummy – Easiest of them all, played with one deck of 52 cards. Two players can play it and each is dealt 10 cards, which has to be melded into at least 3 card sets or sequences.
  10. Oklahoma Rummy – A different version of Gin Rummy. To strike for an Oklahoma knock is when a player declares all cards in hand and the remaining cards hand is equal or less than face value of opening card.
  11. Kalooki Rummy – Played for 9 deals, aim is to go out by melding and laying all cards. The lowest scorer wins.
  12. Shanghai Rummy – 10 deals and a comparatively flexible play where they can drop cards to and pick cards from the discard pile. By melding and laying down players have to get rid of their cards.
  13. Dummy Rummy –Simple and exciting, as you meld your cards, you can get rid of those sets and sequences. The first player to do this, wins.
  14. Contract Rummy –Developed from gin rummy. Dealt 10 cards among 3-8 players for the first round and 12 for the next 3 rounds. With increasing complexity the goal of forming set and sequence remains same.
  15. 500 Rummy – Grab 500 plus points to win. Game of 2-8 players and each is given 13 cards. Properly melded cards help you to collect points and cards singled out are deducted.

Rummy is a game of skill; the more you play the finer you get at it. It needs concentration, dedication and powers to visualize and interpret to ace at it. Rummy players arrange, pick and discard cards and learn the multitasking skill along with keep an eye on opponent moves as well. Playing online rummy gives them a chance to play with multiple people with different personalities.