12 Best College Towns In The US

The best way to experience college is by going to one with a great college town. Factors that you have to consider when choosing one is the student-to-resident ratio, activities, school presence, school support, and livability. Before you schedule an East Coast auto transport, make sure that you review the list of the best college towns below.

  1. Boulder, C

Population: 107,125

Nature surrounds Boulder, CO. In fact, nature is what you’ll see surrounding the state of Colorado in general. That’s why the atmosphere is incredibly vibrant with the perfect mix of student and non-student residents.

  1. Madison, WI

Population: 255,214

Do you like going to boutiques and cafes? If yes, you’ll love Madison, WI. If not, you will be convinced quickly by the different places for you to go to in this great college town. Name dropping the various companies that operate within the town is cheating because there’s so many of them

  1. Flagstaff, AZ

Population: 71,975

Surrounded by mountains and pine forests, Flagstaff, AZ is the home to Arizona’s tallest mountain. A lot of the residents are avid hikers as well.

  1. Brookline, MA

Population: 59,157

One of the safest college towns with incredibly low yet still declining counts of violent crimes, Brookline, MA impressively reported no counts of murder or aggravated assault in 2016.

  1. Ithaca, NY

Population: 30,331

If you want a healthy mix of nature and modern environments, Ithaca, NY is a great place to be in. Half of the population are students while the other half are residents with a great sense of community.

  1. Berkeley, CA

Population: 110,000

Supported by a strong community, Berkeley, CA is definitely a college town where you can stay in as soon as you’re finished with your degree.

  1. Chapel Hill, NC

Population: 58,424

What are the key things that you think about when it comes to college? Arts, music, camaraderie, and academics. What do you list for life after college? Professional progression, great weather, and tremendous community. Chapel Hill, NC has all of these.

  1. Ames, IA

Population: 58,965

Don’t let the small town vibe fool you, Ames, IA is the home to many large companies. Due to this, they always report low figures of unemployment rate.

  1. Princeton, NJ

Population: 29,660

If you wanted to escape the busy vibes of New York and New Jersey, Princeton, NJ should be on your East Coast auto transport top list.

  1. Alpharetta, GA

Population: 69,943

As soon as you get to Alpharetta, GA, it may seem like you’re not even in the state of Georgia anymore. The atmosphere looks different which is great for professional progression for life after college.

  1. Palo Alto, CA

Population: 67,317

If you want to get hired as soon as you graduate, Palo Alto, CA, should be the #1 on your list.

  1. Iowa City, IA


Population: 70,133

Great food and even better night life are two things you’ll get in Iowa City, IA. There are also fantastic school-related and community events.

Planning Your Move

Make sure that you schedule an East Coast auto transport for your vehicle. When you get your car shipped, you will be able to easily start commuting the town that you chose. This is also safer than having to drive your car through various states.