February 8, 2023

When it comes to writing a good CV, creating one that is well-balanced can get quite hard. Even for some experienced writers, keeping it short and sweet while providing quality information can be difficult. The key to writing a good resume is to provide enough quality information and make a lasting impression.

Even though it can be very tempting to fill your resume with skills that you don’t possess, it is key that you are only adding those you truly have. If you are struggling to put together a CV that will resemble your skill levels, here are 10 skills and achievements that will look good on any CV.

1. Teamwork

One of the most important things, when you are writing a CV, is to point out that you are a great team player. It is best that you write something about your experience in collaborating with colleagues on complex projects, the ability to deliver a project on time, etc…

2. Time Management

There is nothing that employers will cherish more than workers who are good at time management on their own. Having a productive and efficient staff that can meet deadlines without having to remind them will be super valuable. That is why you have to demonstrate how you manage your time and deliver all of your assignments before the deadline.

3. Customer Service

No matter what type of work you are applying to, the customer service experience is always a bonus point. In a polite manner talk about the situations that you have resolved in the past.

4. Leadership

Every employer will look for an employee that has strong leadership skills. That is why you need to ensure that you are mentioning all the achievements. Mention if there were occasions where you led a team successfully or coordinated a project, etc…

5. Communication

Communication is crucial and it is one of the most highly-rated skills in any business. Whether it is verbal or written, you will be expected to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers as well as associates. If you can, present an example that shows how you used your communication skills to make an impact or persuade an individual, rather than just saying that you have amazing communication skills.

6. Problem Solving

Just like other skills, try to incorporate demonstrations of your problem-solving skills rather than just saying that you are great at it. Think of situations where you had to use reasoning and logic to reach a solution. You can also attach letters of recommendation in which it is stated that you excel at problem-solving.

7. Creativity

No matter what job you are applying to, mentioning that you are a creative person will play a big role. The business environment is comparative, and demonstrating all of your best skills is the key to getting hired. Being able to think outside of the box is something that every employer will want to have in their team. Once again, make sure that you are including demonstrations and not just stating that you are a creative person.

8. Industry-Specific Skills

Depending on what type of business you are trying to get into, there will be specific skill sets that you will need to have in order to get hired. For instance, if you are looking to work in the truck-driving industry, you will have to have a valid truck license and experience to get chosen. Never assume that the employer will come to the conclusion that you possess a skill. If you think that you have a skill, include it in your CV.

9. Flexibility

Nowadays, some of the best skills to have are time management and flexibility. Being able to adapt to new situations and environment quality is the key to getting hired.

10. Digital Skills

As most businesses have switched to online operating, having digital skills is crucial. Make sure that you are inducing all the programs you know how to use. Knowing how to monetize blogs, and understanding SEO will all play a big role in getting chosen.


Now that you have read what kind of skills you should have in your CV, it is time to incorporate them into it. Even though you can’t fit every single skill that you have, choose the most important one that will benefit the role you are applying for.